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House of Nature
Pēdējās izmaiņas veiktas:

Photo by I. Stūrmanis

Pēdējās izmaiņas veiktas:

Since 2015 House of Nature accommodates the following UL faculties:

  • Faculty of Geography and Earth Sciences;
  • Faculty of Chemistry;
  • Faculty of Biology.

Students from the Optometry and Vision Science Department of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics and from the Pharmacy bachelor and master’s programs of the Faculty of Medicine also study in the House of Nature.

Pēdējās izmaiņas veiktas:
  • A cafe on the 1st floor, where warm and healthy lunch is served;
  • On the 2nd floor students have access to a cozy kitchenette, where they can eat a sandwich and drink some coffee;
  • Rest room with a kitchenette for employees on every floor;
  • Coffee machines in public spaces;
  • Free Wi-Fi for authorized users;
  • Accessible high-performance multifunctional colour printers and 1 plotter for large format printing;
  • For charging portable computers or mobile devices, the largest auditorium has one power outlet for every two seats, other auditoriums have floor boxes with six outlets at every three meters;
  • Several mobile operator devices have been set up to ensure quality mobile networks throughout the building and the surrounding territory;
  • Landline phones available in the offices;

Every floor has individual working places – cabins, chairs, benches, bean bag chairs;

  • The landscaping around the building has benches and walking paths;
  • Territory is not a restricted zone;
  • The building has two main entrances: from Jelgavas Street and from the yard on the 2nd floor level;
  • There is a designated smoking area next to the building;
  • 200 bicycle stands;
  • Bicycle stands are secured with the help of surveillance cameras;
  • Security staff is always controlling the order in the building and the surrounding territory;
  • 100 places in the parking-lot;
  • The parking-lot is under surveillance;
  • Electronic cards to access the parking-lot;


The building is under CCTV surveillance 24/7.

According to the rules of the Cabinet of Ministers and the internal procedure rules of UL, it is forbidden to smoke closer than 10m to the entrance.

Facts and figures
Pēdējās izmaiņas veiktas:
  • 7 overground floors, basement and rooftop floor;
  • Total indoor area: 17 000m2
  • First two floors are accessible 24/7, other floors: from 8:00 until 22:00
  • Auditoriums, laboratories and offices
  • Capsules for creative groupwork, desks for individual work, benches, bean bag chairs and couches in the corridors
  • Wardrobe for 300 coats, the auditoriums also feature hooks for coats, in the corridors – closets for laboratory surcoats
  • Drinking water fountains on the 1st and 2nd floor
  • Video surveillance throughout the building
  • Building Management System for smart control of the building systems
  • Conditioning system for comfortable temperature in the building, warm/cold floor slabs, windows can be opened
  • Modern recreation area in the spacious courtyard
  • 5 elevators, 2 stairways
  • Live plants and trees
  • 30 auditoriums
  • Biggest auditorium has 300 seats:
    • with modern audiovisual equipment
    • with opportunities for synchronous interpretation for guest lectures or international conference needs
  • Biggest auditoriums are built as amphitheaters
  • Interactive or white boards in auditoriums, multimedia projectors and projection screens
  • 73 student laboratories and 65 research laboratories
Energy efficiency
Pēdējās izmaiņas veiktas:

Energy efficiency solutions used in the House of Nature:

1.  The cold slabs – a cooling/heating system which is built in concrete blocks between floors allow to efficiently cool the premises in summer and heat them in winter

2.  Double façade uses energy storage capacity of its concrete elements, shading the building from sun in the summer and slowing down its heat dissipation in winter

3.  Motion sensors in auditoriums and work offices automatically turn the lights on and off.

4.  LED lights in public areas allow to decrease energy consumption

5.  Recuperation system provides effective heat recovery in the ventilation system.

6.  The building management and automation system allows centralized control over the climate within the premises (heating, ventilation, cooling) and lightning systems. It is possible to program the work of system during day and night hours, thus saving resources.

7.  The design of the building allows for optimal use of premises, for example, compact study and office rooms. The full campus, which is planned to be finished by 2020, will allow UL to decrease the necessary space more than two times.

8.  Live climbing plants (using a special decorative grid) provide shade to the House of Nature. The first floor is protected from direct sunlight by an overhanging plant bed. The roof is partly covered in succulent plantation.

The next construction phases foresee the building of heat collectors and wind generator on the roof, as well as geothermal pile usage.